Takapuna Shore City

Shore City Mall (Food Court)

Address : Shore City Mall (Food Court)
6 Como Street
Postal Code : 0622
City : Auckland
Country : New Zealand
Phone : (09) 488 2144
Email : takapuna@mozaik.co.nz

Monday 07:30-18:00
Tuesday 07:30-18:00
Wednesday 07:30-18:00
Thursday 07:30-21:00
Friday  07:30-18:00
Saturday 08:00-18:0
Sunday 08:00-17:00

Meet Rafiq Bhamani
Rafiq joined the team in 2014, running Mozaik Caffe’s hidden gem - Mozaik Shore City. With over 15 years in management and 7 years in hospitality, Rafiq has mastered the art of caring for customers. Rafiq is a devoted husband and father, which resonates in his supportive attitude
towards his staff and endearing hospitality towards his customers.