In December 2016, Mozaik Caffe will celebrate 12 years of bringing joy to all who walk through our doors. With 8 sites across Auckland and Hamilton, we have spread our wings to bring you excellence in food, coffee and service. 

The Mozaik Caffe franchise was founded by Turkish couple, Nigar Ivgen and Alex Isik, with the goal of sharing their Turkish culture, food and coffee with as many people as possible.
True to Turkish culture, Alex and Nigar are deeply passionate about taking care of their community and staff.

“We like to think of our customers as our dearest friends joining us for a meal in our home.
We want to serve you delicious food inspired by family recipes; let you enjoy a perfect cup of coffee roasted and brewed by our team, and treat you with care and compassion.

We live for the content and happy faces leaving our doors after a good meal.
MOZAIK CAFFE® franchise is perfect for anyone keen to run their own business, whilst at the  same time benefitting from working with a leading Kiwi owned and operated brand, with great training and guidance for aspects such as site selection, leasing, purchasing, marketing and more.

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Ron Judd

Ron is the rockstar of the Mozaik Caffe franchise. No seriously, he’s in a band !
Ron has injected life, personality and charisma into Mozaik Caffe. Also running Mozaik Caffe
Orewa, it’s fair to say Mr Rudd likes to keep himself busy.

Rafiq Bhamani

Rafiq joined the team in 2014, running Mozaik Caffe’s hidden gem - Mozaik Shore City. !
With over 15 years in management and 7 years in hospitality, Rafiq has mastered the art of caring
for customers.

Alex Isik

Casablanca Cafe (Sylvia Park and Orewa), Deco Eatery (Titirangi), Nomad (Point Chevalier) and
Bodrum Kitchen, Lynnmall.

Delia Perez

Friend of animals everywhere. Freelance zombie practitioner. Unapologetic coffee junkie.

Nigar Ivgen

6 years before turning Mozaik Caffe into a franchise, the couple brought Mozaik Caffe New Lynn to life, which the couple still run personally to this day. 

Brian &Nicola Valentine

alentine  Brian and Nicola purchased the
original Mozaik Caffe in mid 2013. The couple have successfully brought their
abundant corporate experience to the hospitality industry, focusing on quality
performance, superior customer service,hiring and managing the very best of
available staff and ensuring their wellbeing. 
The couple believe very much in the philosophy adopted by Richard
Branson “Set realistIc customer expectatIons and then not just meet them, but
exceed them.” Brian’s love of rugby and cricket are also firmly embedded into
his daily conversatIons with his regular customers as he believes café owners
should personalise their customer’s experience.